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Fifth of Bourbon is an electric blues band casked in 2010 focused on creative arrangements of blues rock music. Our focus is on tight live performances, mashing up blues classics, and delivering unique arrangements of blues rock classics to our fans. Our first EP, Voodoo Woman, was released in September 2011 which successfully bottled up our live mojo brew. The title track is a great example of how we like to reinterpret blues tunes: It is Koko Taylor's classic, but with our mashup of Led Zeppelin licks from their second album.   If you can imagine Janis Joplin fronting Led Zeppelin and performing electric blues versions of Howlin' Wolf songs....that's us.

Influences include Hendrix, Muddy Waters, Led Zeppelin, Allman Brothers, Stevie Ray Vaughn, Janice Joplin, Howlin' Wolf to name a few.  Right from the start, we have secured a loyal following and have played to packed houses including headlining BB Kings Blues Club, headling the Highline Ballroom, Arlene's Grocery, R-Bar, Sullivan Hall, Kenny's Castaways, Village Underground and other venues across the Big Apple. 

Band Line Up:

Greg Gentile - Lead Guitar 
Ken Umezaki - Bass 
Matt Fink - Drums 
Scott Warren - Lead Guitar 
Fred Gilde - Keyboards 
Kathleen Fletcher - Vocals

May The Blues Be With You, Always
Our Music

Our first EP, Voodoo Woman was recorded and mixed at Threshhold Studios in NYC in July 2011.  Release date September 2011.

Our second EP, Live Bourbon, was released in February 2013.

Best of Bourbon
Nazz Are Blue

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We are always open to playing gigs in the NYC area, and beyond.  For booking, please contact:


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